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Here we go again! I promise I’ll try to keep this blog going for longer than 2.2 seconds!

I was thinking what I wanted to spew on about, my newest interest is in the garden and landscaping around the house. But surely I can’t blog solely about that. Well, I could but there is so much more.

Then I started thinking about how much work I have put into my garden. From planting the seeds, watering, feeding, weeding, barricading and I started noticing the similarities between gardening and tending to a family. A relationship has needs (beside sex silly men) to stay healthy. It needs watering, feeding, sunlight, occassionally shade. We have to protect it against weeds and pest or our otherwise healthy garden begins to faulter.

Sometimes we can’t help but to let some weeds in, most times that are carried over from previous seasons and sometimes those weeds have tap roots so deep that are hard to dig out. You can snip off the pesty stem, but the roots remain, dormant until we become lax in our tending of the garden. Sometimes folliage becomes overgrown and unkempt and, unfortunately, like ENGLISH IVY, MINT, and MORNING GLORY, although lovely to look at, they can strangle a garden and relationship.

Then there are the pests, you know, the aphids and mites, cabbage moths and tomato worms, groundhogs and squirrels, who’s sole purpose (other than look cute laughing and shaking its bushy tail while eating my strawberries) is to suck all the nutrients out of my garden, benefit from MY hard work. To steal what happiness I worked so hard to protect. I can put up chicken wire fences, plant marigolds and basil, even spray with fox pee (go ahead laugh), but in the end, if I have to sit outside, with a .22 cal rifle in one arm and a energy drink in the other, I am protect my garden, and family, from these vermin.

So, what am I blogging about this time, to put it simply this silly little thing we call… life.

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square foot garden my ass….. Its starting to look like the square foot acre, or the square foot Farm.

Comment by levydust

your baby i\s a future garden angel,,doll for sure,, thanks for sharing,, blessings, beth

Comment by beth

An interesting and thoughtful post. 🙂

So… the fox pee didn’t work? I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to keep squirrels and other animules out of my new sfg.

Comment by Miss M

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